Felling a Willow Tree in Hemley, Suffolk

16th October 2015

On the banks of the river Deben in Suffolk to the east of Ipswich, Roman River’s tree surgery team have been busy felling a large Willow tree near the beautiful village of Hemley.

Sometimes a part of tree surgery, is having to cut down what might appear to be a healthy tree. Sometimes safety, age or disease mean that it is essential to cut down trees. At Roman River we are professional tree surgeons that provide advice on the most suitable options when working with trees.

When felling any tree, health and safety is our number one priority. All our surgeons are fully trained and qualified. We use modern and safe equipment and work as a team. Trees are cut down in stages, to ensure safety to our surgeons and to any property and personnel beneath. We generally chip the small branches and cut the larger logs and remove them from site. Once finished the area where the tree used to grow will be left clear and tidy.