Eucalyptus Tree Surgery in Essex

23rd October 2015

October has been a busy period for our tree surgeons at Roman River Tree Care. In particular we have carried out tree surgery to two properties in Essex that had rather large Eucalyptus trees. The above image shows the fantastic views that greeted our tree surgeons from the top of a eucalyptus in Tollesbury, Essex. On a fantastic autumn day our team had clear views looking across the Blackwater Estuary. With a keen eye, you should just be able to make out Bradwell Power Station on the horizon, which is located the other side of the estuary.

Eucalyptus Tree in Fringringhoe, Essex

The image below could perhaps this is the largest eucalyptus in Essex? Our tree surgeons had the pleasure of working on this tree in Fringringhoe.

A giant tree that grows quickly, Eucalyptus is an attractive evergreen tree which has nice foliage and a characteristic peeling bark. These trees can grow very large quickly if left un-managed. At Roman River we can provide tree surgery techniques on Eucalyptus including crown reductions, coppicing, pollarding and felling. A managed tree can be kept small and provide an asset to a smaller garden, rather than take over like this particular tree!